Monday, August 8, 2011

New Joint: "Large on the Street Scene" - Morels Edun

Here is a cool new joint from Morels Edun who is "Large on the Street Scene". This video is actually edited by Morels Edun, who uses footage from the movie 'Paid in Full' to help tell the story of his new track.

Check out this quote from Morels Edun regarding this new joint:
"My newest video, “Large on the Street Scene.” It chronicles one mans struggle to become a “man” and better his living situation by being an urban entrepreneur. Deep inside, however, he wants to rap, he want to share his creativity with the world. But the same streets that keeps him away from his true dream is the very thing that takes him closer to it."
**Shout outs to a friend of the F.O.R.M. blog, Selorm Denu of the Who Needs A Genre blog for hooking us up with this video.**

1 comment:

  1. Thanks bro, I've been helping him a lot, even did his Facebook for him, so to see him doing it on his own is very nice. Thanks again for the support!


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