Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mike Bhaiya Drops New Joint "Do You" Featuring Beano

The musical landscape of 'The Universe Is Dreaming Vol. 1' is brought to life by the soul bearing, sharply clever and poetic lyrics of a young man whose love, energy, and determination to better the world around him are so immense, that he is simply known as “Brother” across the globe.

It is the first chapter in the musical legacy of a man who has devoted his existence to the uniting of the human race with each other, and the rest of the Universe. As Bhaiya begins to navigate the treacherous waters of the music industry, it is most certainly a mountainous task that lies ahead. Determined to establish a career for himself in music, he goes into battle armed with the knowledge that he seeks to spread, the understanding that though we are all individuals with infinite diversity of character, thought, and perception amongst us, we are in fact 1 race, 1 planet, 1 universe; that there can never truly be a war with two sides, only our struggle to understand ourselves and to achieve our full potential as a planet.

From the mouth of Mike Bhaiya:
“I think "Do You" was written as a motivational statement to myself first and foremost and then to everyone else, to all of you, as a reminder of who you are in your moments of self doubt and darkness. And as something for y'all to rock out to, be it in the club, the crib, or anywhere else.

It's about living for the moment and not letting anyone tell you how to be you. It's about chasing a dream and finding yourself in the process regardless of where it takes you or whether you reach what you originally set out for.

It's about the fucked up shit that we all go through, and how it's that stuff that connects us just as much as the joys we share. It's about wildin' the fuck out, to this song or god forbid any other (although trust me this shit bangs), and just letting it all go.

Huge shouts to Beano for coming through and killing the chorus and to Tim (Sonnefeld) for producing an incredible record, for helping me give form to my vision, for guiding me in the realization of a dream. Enjoy, Sincerely yours with all the Love of the Universe Mike Bhaiya.”
Download "Do You" - Mike Bhaiya featuring Beano

“Mike Bhaiya is a genuine voice speaking his own story”--- DJ Green Lantern

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