Tuesday, April 26, 2011

K-Hill Releases Official Music Video "The Declaration of an Independent"

K Hill - "The Declaration of an Independent" from Depth of Sound on Vimeo.

KHillmusic & Depth Of Sound presents the visuals to K-Hill’s current single “The Declaration Of An Independent”. The single, which features spoken word artist Dasan Ahanu and produced by fellow NC producer, Picasso, sets the tone for K-Hill’s upcoming ep release, “Motivational Speakers”. The video was filmed by Kent Willard with additional Filming by J “Water” Mullins.

K-Hill Bio:
K-Hill (born Kelvin Hill), is a dynamic emcee, producer, motivational speaker, and CEO of the Kick-A-Verse Production Group imprint. K-Hill, who has selected hip hop as his primary genre of focus, began producing music at the age of 16 and began his own vocal recordings shortly after.

K-Hill became renowned for his elegant vocal consistency, raw enthusiasm, and demonstrative lyrics on the microphone early in his career; these traits have carried over as strong attributes in his current music as well. His sound is east coast influenced, introspective, with a southern accent, and K-Hill describes his style as a super-hybrid of the hip hop greats Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane and Freddie Foxx.

K-Hill’s first nationally distributed recording was in 2004 with the release of “Da Instigator” 12“ (Neblina Records). However, his reputation was not solidified as one of North Carolina’s most talented producers/emcees until the release of his first solo release, “Stamps Of Approval” (Kick-A-Verse). Hill has worked with some of Hip Hop’s most incredible artists and producers in recent history.

K-Hill has rocked stages with KRS One, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Raekwon The Chef, and EPMD just to name a few. K-Hill has been featured in publications such as Good Magazine, Elemental Mag, HipHop Game, Hip Hop Dx, and All Hip Hop. However, Hill’s main focus is to develop his company, Kick-A-Verse, into a viable force to be recognized among trusted brands for urban entertainment.


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