Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trudell Prepares For New Mixtape Release This Spring, Drops New Single "Welcome To The Chi"

Fans gravitated to Tru’s first mixtape, A Dream Turned Reality, as the eight-track project currently sits at 100,000 downloads.

Not resting on past accomplishments, Trudell is already hard at work on his next mixtape, entitled Focused On The Sky which will be released in the Spring of 2011.

When Tru isn’t in the booth, he is touching lives in the classroom. The Columbia College of Chicago graduate is also a teacher. “I felt like outside of music it would be the best and easiest way to touch the youth,” says Trudell. “Young black males need to see a black person who is successful in life instead just seeing D boys because when I was coming up that’s who I wanted to be because they were the only ones doing it big.”

Tru has seen both sides of the game and his music proves that. He hopes to add himself to the pantheon of artists that are already legendary from the Chicago hip-hop scene. After all there is no substitute for real and you can’t get any more real than what is already Tru.

Download the Trudell “Welcome To The Chi” MP3

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