Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iCrates: Professional Beat Digging Available In New Application, New Website Launched

iCrates launches iPhone app – A mobile search tool and information source for record collectors, music lovers and crate diggers. Record collectors and music lovers get mobile support while “digging the crates” and searching for rare vinyl, CDs or tapes on the go.

The iCrates app gives instant access to the biggest music databases and marketplaces such as Discogs, eBay, Amazon and iTunes. Users find detailed information on releases, artists and labels while searching for music in record stores or on flea markets.

The built-in barcode scanner allows even faster access to search results.
iCrates shows real-time price offers for releases and evaluates the rarity and average selling price in various currencies. This way music collectors will know when they have spotted a real bargain.

With iCrates users can even listen to audio samples and full tracks or watch related videos on Youtube.In addition the app includes the iCrates Magazine, a high end online music magazine focussing on the love of vinyl and analogue music. It provides insights into the international record digging scene, offering readers a new way to rediscover old music.

Read stories, reviews and interviews as well as guides to the hottest record stores and markets on the planet.
“To us, the interest in analogue music and vinyl records is pure passion.
There is a huge treasure trove of musical recordings out there that can change
everything for you when you discover it for the first time.” - Gunnar Menzel, founder and Design Director of iCrates.

“The app is unlike anything else on the market” - Bram van der Poel, founder and developer of iCrates.

“With iCrates, record collectors get a mobile tool that not only enables them to access and browse easily through all the information they need, but let’s them compare prices from various key marketplaces on the go.”

“We only see this as the start. We are constantly developing the app concept and are really looking forward to the
first feedback from music diggers and record collectors, because we’ve developed iCrates for them.” - Ann-Kristin Leder, founder and Marketing Manager of iCrates
iCrates. Developed for music lovers, by music lovers.

Key Features:
SEARCH for artists, releases, labels or catalogue numbers
FIND detailed information such as sub-labels, release dates, aliases, credits and album covers
BROWSE through artists profiles and find video interviews, real names, groups, official artist websites and relevant links
SCAN the barcodes of releases to get faster search results (only available for iPhone)
WATCH music videos (YouTube)
LISTEN to tracks and audio samples
BUY songs on iTunes
GET the average selling price and rarity evaluation of a release in your currency (Euro, USD, GBP, Yen) plus find real-time offers on eBay and Discogs
REMEMBER your ten recent searches
ADD each search entry to your favorites for future reference and access them even when the device is offline
SHARE with friends on Twitter, Facebook or by email
GEOTAG releases and send the location to your friends on Facebook or by email
GET INSIGHTS into the international record digging scene with the iCrates Magazine. Read stories, reviews and interviews as well as guides to the hottest record stores and markets. The Magazine is also accessible when device is offline
OPTIMISE your search results and overall app performance by easily customising your settings
ACCESS the following databases: Discogs, eBay, Amazon, Youtube, iTunes
FORMATS The application includes the following formats: Vinyl, Shellac, CD, CDV, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, Cassette, DAT, DCC, Betamax, VHS, Video 2000, Laserdisc, Minidisc, Memory Stick, Box Set and many more...

Price (currently): 1.99 USD / 1.59 € / 1.19 GBP


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