Saturday, February 5, 2011


TORONTO, ON - The latest release by independent Hip Hop artist Gold Spade is entitled Lackluster (The Blue Monday Anthem) and is set to drop January 24th (Blue Monday).

With January 24th documented to be the most depressing day of the year, it was decided to make the single available for download on this date. The single Lackluster is a tribute of sorts to those living less then lavish, as it shines a light on the struggles of working class citizens in an effort to balance out the misrepresentation of wealth that is ever-so prevalent within today’s Hip Hop culture.

With his clever, lyrical word play, Gold Spade offers some food for thought in providing an alternative perspective to the far-too-common theme of money, cars and women which seems to have plagued commercial Hip Hop culture in recent years. Lackluster (The Blue Monday Anthem) was produced by C-Sol aka Peso Pesado and has been available for download since January 24th.

To download the single click on the following links:

Lackluster Radio Edit

Lackluster Original

To view online promos for Lackluster (The Blue Monday Anthem), click on the following links:

Lackluster Preview Promo Mix

Lackluster Promo – Studio Session

For media enquiries please contact:

C-Sol aka Peso Pesado
Hierarchy Entertainment

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