Friday, November 26, 2010

John Regan Releases Debut Album "Sorry I'm Late" & Premiers New Track Featuring Marsha Ambrosius

After two years, John Regan's Debut CD Sorry I'm Late has finally been released. And the indie hip hop artist has being doing great, seeing a successful music marketing so far on Amazon and iTunes.

As of its release date, it has been ranked on Amazon:
# 1 in East Coast Hip-Hop new releases
# 35 in all Hip-Hop new releases
# 3 in East Coast Hip-Hop albums
# 86 in all Hip-Hop albums

Not bad for an album that was released independently, with no budget or backing. The latest to be released is "All I Got to Give" ft. Marsha Ambrosius (Produced by YZ)

Listen to full versions all of the tracks here:

To purchase, rate and/or comment on the album, please support indie hip hop by checking out John Regan's links below." target="itunes_store"

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