Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sinitus Tempo Releases Born Legends EP For Free Download

Indie hip hop producer Sinitus Tempo has just released the "Born Legends" compilation. The project is a tribute EP to the Samurai Champloo & Nujabes anime TV series, which draws from hip hop music as the soundtrack.

Download the Born Legends EP, available for free, courtesy of Sinitus Tempo on BandCamp:

The upcoming "Cowboy Biibop" EP featuring hip hop artist Obii Say will drop November 2nd. "Cowboy Biibop" is also a musical work based on another Japanese anime TV series called "Cowboy Beebop", from the same creator/director as Samurai Champloo, ShinichirĊ Watanabe. This music compilation is sponsored by One vs Many and

Also note the networking and music marketing skills this indie hip hop producer possesses. Sinitus Tempo is now having his music placed, producing background music for tv shows, especially of the anime genre, and even the bumps on programs like Adult Swim and the Funimation channel.

More from Sinitus Tempo:

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