Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Week for Hip Hop On The Billboard


At least that's what I yell at anyone who questions hip hop's future, or rap music's successful status in the music industry. You can't argue with the stats when they come out, so here it is, this week's top 10 on the Billboard hot 100 charts...

1. Black Eyed Peas - "Boom Boom Pow" *
2. Lady GaGa - "Poker Face" (yes, still !)
3. Jamie Foxx featuring T Pain - "Blame It" *
4. Pitbull - "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" *
5. Kid Cudi - "Day N Nite" *
6. Beyonce - "Halo" *
7. 3OH!3 - "Don't Trust Me" ~
8. Flo Rida featuring Wynter - "Sugar" *
9. Jeremih - "Birthday Sex" *
10. Soulja Boy Tell em featuring Sammie - "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" *

The *'s mark the 8/10 songs on the top 10 that I think are hip hop/urban music. That's a pro dominant 80% of hip hop presence in the top 10 ! What I also got from this was learning of a new music duo from Colorado.

I had to look up the 7th listing, "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH!3 on YouTube just to hear the track for the first time. It wasn't half bad actually it was pretty f'in hilarious when I watched some of the video while listening to the song. Check it out for your self and let me know what you think. I thought it was decent enough.

Anyway the whole point of this rant is hip hop continues to run shit in the main stream music sector. It's the most competitive genre during these times in my opinion, due to the fact that hip hop culture is fun and right now during rough times everyone can use some fun. Music is fun that's why there are so many hip hop/rap artists today as the number continues to sky rocket (believe me, I've dug deep into the depths of the million of hip hop producers and rap artist's MySpace pages).

Everybody wants to rap, live breath and love hip hop, it's a fun culture. It is a permanent fixture of entertainment, in our movies, TV shows, mags and video games. Plus if you are talented or even an entertaining artist that can be related to by millions, you can build a profitable music business.

That's the beauty of the hip hop world, I think, it promotes self improvement, success and good quality of life. At least that is the impression that I get when I look at a Billboard top 10 that is pro dominantly 80% HIP HOP MUSIC ! We aint going anywhere baby, HIP HOP WE IN HERE !

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