Thursday, August 26, 2010

RTiculate & Skriblez Two Days Away: Preparing For The Next Live Performance

What Up Y'all!

It's your boy RTiculate and we're just two days away from my next performance which is coming at you direct LIVE AT THE HIVE this Saturday August 28th on 200 King St. in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Right now I am just going over the prepared set list, also making my self aware of any last minute changes that can possibly come up at any moment. The key for me is to make this next live performance a memorable one.

I'm trying to entertain, not "act" as if I am entertained by my own material. Main concepts that I like to focus on before a live performance include:

> How will I involve the crowd tonight?

It's not a question of "can I?" it is a question of "will I" try to get reactions out of the crowd. The answer should most certainly always be yes! Do not sleep on the people in the audience, or they will sleep on you - and not in the way they would after putting on a good show! :)

> What is the best possible order of songs that will keep the audience engage from start to finish?

For the opening track, Skriblez and I are going to perform a dope track that involves both of us complimenting each other nicely on the chorus. Our individual verses contain lots of "hype" parts, which we can both back each other up on since we are well rehearsed.

> What can I do to get more people to fill the venue?

This is by far the most "challenging" concept to focus on. With only two days away from the event, there are three kinds of people you will deal with: people who have scheduled in your performance and are committed to attending, people who already know they will not show, and lastly the people who are always on the fence about committing to watch you perform live.

Mainly, I focus on contacting my "influential" friends who are already committed to attending the show. These people are not only your loyal supporters, but they also have some influence in persuading the actions of others, attracting their interest in coming to your gig as well.

Bottom line:

We're still just two days away from my next performance, but if I focus on putting on a good show, cut back on smoking, eating healthy and getting adequate rest than everything will work out great. Hopefully you will be reading more performance updates in the near future!

Also, if you're in the province of Ontario and you love hip hop than I suggest you make it out to LIVE AT THE HIVE this Saturday, doors open at 9pm and tickets are just 7 dollars are the door. See you all there!

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