Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rap Artist Tez Mclain Drops First Album "Wishful Thinking Vol.1"

Tez Mclain is a talented young indie rap artist creating a lot of buzz in the south east, Atlanta area. Tez recently released his first street album Wishful Thinking Vol. 1 hosted by Don Cannon through the indie label Respect My Grind (RMG) Entertainment. Download "Wishful Thinking Vol.1" @

This album features the single "Flight School" which details Tez' experiences as a college student at Clark Atlanta University. Tez is an ATL native with his very own type of southern swagger and pure hip-hop style.

Tez Mclain Bio:
Cortez “Tez” McClain has been turning heads in his native Atlanta since he was a young kid. The multi-talented artist’s natural stage presence and charisma has always been undeniable.

Though he caught the rap bug as a teenager watching Outkast perform at Atlanta radio station Hot 97’s (now Hot 107.9) Birthday Bash concert it was not until his sophomore year in college that Tez broke off from his former group and starting catching the city's attention as an independent solo rap artist.

Since then, Tez's career has been in a constant state of elevation. Tez has won several talent showcases and has performed at a number of popular venues in the Southeast making a name for himself.

Tez stage presence and conversational flow opened the eyes of many of Atlanta’s industry elite and led to the rapper working with accomplished producers and executives such as DTP’s Chaka Zulu, LT-Moe, Maestro and Focus to name a few.

The rapper’s first official single “I’m Fly” garnered regional attention with mixtape appearances and consistent club and radio play. The song would go on to win Hot 107.9’s Battleground contest so many consecutive times that it was officially retired as Battleground champion (Tez would achieve the same feat in 2009 with “Booty Call”).

Tez accomplished all this plus racking up two appearances on MTV Sucker Free Sunday’s and winning the Mountain Dew Sucker Free Challenge while going to college full time. Now that McClain has graduated from Clark Atlanta University (CAU), he is ready to take the world by storm.

His latest offering Wishful Thinking hosted by fellow CAU alumnus DJ Don Cannon has gotten rave reviews since dropping in early 2010. The first single off of the street album, “Flight School” gives insight into his experience at the HBCU.

Tez style and demeanor is a purposeful departure from what consumers are used to coming out of the South. Not to be pigeonholed in any one category McClain shows his various layers as an artist and a man throughout Wishful Thinking, not just to show his skills but to resonate with his listeners as well.
“I like to have an emotional connection with the listeners. I want to talk to them like I know what they are going through,” says McClain. “I believe that everybody goes through the same things, at least in an emotional aspect. Everybody’s felt shame, love, happiness, guilt, doubt, lust, even depression.”
It is refreshing to see a rapper that works at and loves his craft. Tez McClain is an artist born and raised in the South who loves and lives hip-hop. He is a major part of what the game has been missing.

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