Thursday, August 5, 2010

Draw Backs To Super Stardom In The Rap Music Business

Ah, yes. The MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's)and Eminem have a kindred relationship, if you will. From "Triumph the insult comic dog" incident, to the infamous "Eminem Meets Bruno" fiasco, you would think by now-being the rap superstar that he is-that MTV would tip toe around broken egg shells for this man. At least, considering everything they (arguably) put him through.

This time around, the VMA's have become another inconvenience for the rap superstar. It seems that this year's award show completely conflicts with Em's tour- the night after the awards show, he is set to perform on the other coast of the country.

The rapper is nominated for 8 awards this year, and is most likely to receive a few. To not show up and receive them is something unprofessional, and this blogger doesn't think you would ever see Eminem do that to his fans.

Here is what Em had to say about his inconvenient scheduling issue with the folks at AllHipHop:
"Apparently MTV doesn't care that I have two massive stadium shows on the other side of the country the day after the VMA's. F me, right?!?!," Eminem told in a statement released on August 3rd. “I mean, I'll be there but don't expect me to be nice about it."
This spawned the random thought: what are the draw backs to being a super star in the rap music business? Let's start up a discussion. What do you think would be one of the most inconvenient things about being a rap superstar?

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