Thursday, August 5, 2010

Case Study of Artist & Entrepreneur Chamillionaire At Digital Music

Today I read this very interesting case study compiled by the intelligent people over at Then I had to go and find a clip of the interview with TechCrunch.

Check out the case study of Chamillionaire, entitled: "How a Tech-Savvy Chamillionaire Got Leverage With UMG..."

Check out some of these two paragraphs that held my interest the whole way through.
The era of the entrepreneurial artist is upon us, but rappers have traditionally been quite business-savvy. "I consider myself a businessman," Chamillionaire recently told TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington at CrunchUp in Palo Alto. But Chamillionaire is also quite tech-savvy, and the ensuring discussion revealed that the rapper had just been attending AlwaysOn. "I come to the tech conferences to see what's next," the rapper revealed to audience applause.

That is all part of a far broader grassroots business and technology approach that started in 1998. Years later ("around 04-05"), Chamillionaire arrived at Universal Music Group with an army of certified fans, including a massive email list. "When I came into a major label I had leverage," the rapper shared, a position that allowed him to structure a 50/50 profit-sharing arrangement with UMG. "Most [other] artists make pennies on the dollar."
More, including a link to the complete discussion, at

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