Saturday, June 5, 2010

VIBE Magazine Readers Vote Dr.Dre Greatest Hip Hop Producer Of All Time

Makes sense doesn't it? One of hip hop's pioneers, wins an award for being the greatest hip hop producer of all time! There were many other amazingly ground breaking producers up for this award, but at the end of the day the right (meaning my favorite) producer was chosen as the winner.

Dr. Dre also has multiple Grammy Awards as well as a Life Time Achievement award for 25 years in the music industry.
"I just found out I got voted VIBE's best producer of all time. That s**t is incredible," Dre told VIBE. "I'm a humble person and I would've never expected that, seriously. I just go in the studio. I try to do my thing to the best of my ability."
To be awarded with such an honor as the's Greatest Producer of All Time award must feel good for the doctor, considering music fans everywhere voted to decide this contest.

Sponsored by telecommunications giant AT&T, the online contest ran from April 15th through May 31st, going through five rounds of voting before the final two producers were selected. The father of the G-funk era/former NWA member and producer was pitted against hip hop pioneer DJ Premier in the final round.

Here is just one of my many favorite tracks produced by the man himself.

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