Monday, June 28, 2010

Soulja Boy Deletes Twitter Account? Rapper Back Online For 2 Million Fans

Young rapper/producer Soulja Boy recently received a lot of extra promotion online and in the hip hop media. How did the young artist pull this off? He made changes to his Twitter account, which many perceived to have been deleted.

Shortly after the whole Twitter-world was flooded with trending topics regarding the rapper's disappearance from the social network. Word spread that the young star was no longer had an account on line. Soulja Boy put that noise to bed after his account was changed, he released this statement.
"Shoutout to all the media sites that posted I deleted my twitter becuz of a dumb ass trending topic lol basic asses thanks for the promo,"
After gaining over two million followers on the social platform, Soulja Boy is undoubtedly one of Twitter's most popular users. This young artist has utilized this social network more effectively then most.

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How do you think Soulja Boy's actions always keep him in the eye of the media? Was this a smart move? Does this young man exemplify the characteristics of the new breed of rap artist-entrepreneur? Share your thoughts with us!

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