Friday, May 14, 2010

Using Google Web Tools To Improve Your Rap Music Business

You may or may not know that Google is actually much more then just a search engine. The company also provides free and useful web tools that are valuable for any indie hip hop artist looking to make a presence online and in social communities.

Some basic Google Tools that can and should be used to improve your music business, include:

Google chrome: In my experience this is by far the best browser online. Rarely, if ever, do I experience any non-responsive errors while browsing.

Blogger: Obviously I'm a fan of using Blogger, as the Rap Music Business blog is also on this platform. The fact is maintaining a music blog is essential in today's music business.

A blog can be used to chronicle your journey in the studio, on stage and behind the scenes. Keep your friends and loyal music fans in the loop by blogging about your music. Talking about your own music? Hey, at least you'll never run out of creative things to say.

Google Docs: The docs is basically an online version of word processor with added bonuses. You can add and work on as many different templates as you want; budgets, tour schedules, presentations and drawings.

Google docs is useful especially if you work within a team. Share all the documents/presentations online with members of your team and any/all the changes that are made will be available for all team members to see.

Google Calendar: The calendar is very straight forward. Although this simple but useful tool is very handy when linked to your mobile phone. You can set your cell phone up to receive timed reminders for all the events posted in your calender. I'm a BlackBerry user and I still use this Google feature.

YouTube: It goes without saying how useful YouTube really is in every sense. Whether you're a small business or indie artist just trying to put your self out, the social and viral capabilities of YouTube make it one of the most useful marketing tool of the modern era (especially for people in the entertainment industries).

Translate: Ever come across websites written in other languages while doing some research? Use the Google Translator to translate text in almost any language. Hint: this is an automatic function built into Google Chrome browsers.

More advanced Google tools:

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Ad-words: More advanced, but still very interesting and very useful are the Ad-words. This online system of advertising will help you become visible in your target market. To learn more, please check out the tutorials at

Personally, I would recommend these web tools to any one venturing in the rap music business. Also, because I use these tools myself on a regular basis I know first hand how useful they really are.

I encourage you to try some if not all of these free web tools provided by Google to improve the way you conduct your music business online and even in the real world. Learning how to use these tools in conjunction with your music business will, in all likelihood, increase your chances of success.

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