Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free Download Of "Battle: The Mixtape" Presented By The Movie "Battle"

"Battle: The Movie" presents this FREE mixtape entitled "BATTLE: THE MIXTAPE".

Check out this hot new compilation available free for digital download at The track listing is also posted on the Battle Movie Blog.

"Battle: The Mixtape" is hosted by hip hop extraordinaire DRES THA BEATNIK and it's mixed by Reign of Terror and Psyche Origami's own DJ DAINJA.

Both of these talented young men also appear in the movie, "Battle". There is a special guest cameo featuring the great Talib Shabazz in the movie as well.

This mixtape features an eclectic collection of Hip-Hop that is composed by some producers who appear in the movie, such as: HeadRoc (who plays the lead character Rippa), Trimm (who plays Dirty Dollar$ in the film), Rhythmlord (plays Beat Priest and has composed the film score), as well as Green Tea (a two man producing team that playing Beat Battlers in the competition that takes place in the film) and the actual Dirty Dollar$.

Much of the music featured in the movie "Battle" is new joints from some of the most talented underground artists that Atlanta has to offer. The list of host producers and artists include: Psyche Origami, Collective Efforts, The Remnant plus many more! Although this is not the official soundtrack for the movie, some of these hot tracks just might make the cut.

Definitely download and enjoy this compilation. Also please be sure to pass it along to all your friends who love FREE HIP HOP MUSIC.

As for the progress of the film, we're deep in post and working hard on music, sound, and fine cutting. If you want more information on the film or the mixtape please feel free to contact me ( Press Inquiries very welcome.

Here's more from the film's producer Martin Kelley

Co-President, Atlanta Screenwriters Group

Editor-In-Chief, CinemATL

Purchase "Beat Makers"

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