Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lupe Fiasco Announces Title Of New Mixtape Through Twitter Account

Hip hop recording artist Lupe Fiasco has recently leveraged the power of his social media networks to spread the news of his new mix tape to all of his music fans. The rapper announced the title of his new mix tape, "Enemy of The State", to the almost 42,000 followers on his Twitter page.

This is sound strategy when it comes to marketing your own music online. Using your own popularity to your advantage by spreading the word about your upcoming projects is a great way to keep current and potential fans interested in what you are doing. Social media sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook can help an independent rap artist build the following needed to see success in the rap music business.

It is also extremely helpful if you have your own website being used as the basis of your social network campaign. For instance, lupefiasco.com will be the first search result if you go searching for the artist. His website also links to his MySpace and Twitter pages.

After his first album, "Food and Liquor" helped break this hip hop artist out on the industry scene, his follow up album would turn him into a rap super star. Following up with "The Cool", Lupe received the much deserved recognition for being a talented and unique artist. "The Cool" also brought Lupe Fiasco some commercial success, with his hit single "Superstar" holding down the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for over 9 weeks.

Lupe continues to reach new fans by staying true to his own values as an artist. Check out LupeFiasco.com for more information. Also, peep this new track by Lupe Fiasco entitled "Solar Midnite" which is featured on the upcoming "Twilight Sage: New Moon" soundtrack.

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