Friday, October 30, 2009

50 Cent Launches New Cologne, Album Leaks One Month Ahead Of Schedule

Time and time again, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson proves why he is a cunning and deadly in his role as a rap music business mogul. POWER, a fragrance by 50 cent and partner Lighthouse Beauty. This is the newest business venture for the rap artist entrepreneur.

'Before I Self Destruct' is the newest album upcoming from 50, scheduled to be released on November 17th. Unfortunately for fif, the album has already hit the world wide web. Minus the bonus tracks that will be provided on iTunes, the version that is now available online through multiple torrent sites includes the full track list.

No stranger to album leaks, 50 has tried to keep the master recordings on this album secure. Obviously these extreme efforts have little effect, the inevitable always happens. There is really nothing that notable and popular producers or recording artists can do to avoid this music industry problem.

This leak happens a full month before the actual release. What is 50 going to do, start a beef spark his music marketing campaign for the album ? With sites like, and the rapper's MySpace network, his Internet campaign is in the perfect position to boost sales 10 fold. But is that enough ?

Either way, 50 keeps hustling inside and out of the music business, striking deals with mega corporations for huge checks. A true entrepreneur, 50 doesn't look to be dropping the ball any time soon. Although I doubt his album will be perceived as "changing the hip hop landscape" as much as he thinks that will be the impact.

POWER by 50 cent hits stores at MACY'S this fall, album 'Before I Self Destruct' can be found on the web now, and the CD release will probably be available on sites like Amazon and iTunes before it's scheduled date due to the leak.

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