Monday, August 17, 2009

Shady Records Drops Another Artist, Bobby Creekwater Ends Term With Label

Bobby Creekwater has officially been dropped as an artist from the Shady Records label. In an exclusive video interview that can be found on, the rap artist talks about his recent dismissal from the Shady Records family. The rapper declared his appreciation of Eminem's professionalism by showing him the courtesy of calling with an explanation as to the label's decision.

Explanation ? Is there really an explanation to be had ? The label says they are taking a different direction, but it is obvious that they are conserving all available resources for the next big Inter Scope releases. Aftermath is in the process of adding to the hype of the highly anticipated album "Detox", to (supposedly) be released by producer Dr.Dre last quarter 2009, although no one is jumping to put money on it. Still enjoying the success of Relapse, Eminem will be following up his latest hit with the sequel, "Releapse 2". Then of course the next G-unit/50 cent release, "Before I Self Destruct" is also on the way.

Bobby Creek never dropped a solo album under the label, only appearing on five tracks as a guest feature on "Eminem Presents the Re-Up" album, which should have probably just stayed an underground mix tape. The rapper also made appearances on other popular mix tapes, having been featured on a series released by the Alchemist, as well as dropping verses on the remixes of many successful Eminem singles.

Due to lack of support and funding however, the artist has left Shady Records to pursue his own music business, with his own imprint BGOV, Inc. which has Bobby Creek has released multiple ep's and mix tapes for his fans already. What do you think about Shady Records dropping all of there artists ?

First the label dropped Obie Trice, a Shady Records original signing, who released a platinum selling debut album "Cheers", then followed up with a moderately successful sequel "Second Rounds On Me". Stat Quo was also signed to Shady as well as Aftermath Entertainment, but was dropped before releasing his album, which many believed was going to be a great record for the Shady music catalog.

None the less, the label is down to just a few artists left on the roster, mainly Eminem and the remaining members of his long time group, D12. Could this be all that Shady Records can handle, or is there a possibility their "new direction" involves signing upcoming talent of the "star caliber" that the label is accustomed to managing ? Where do you think Shady Records is heading in the future ?

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