Monday, August 24, 2009

Organization, Your Secret Weapon In Music Business

Professionals all around the world lead busy and interesting lives. Sometimes it is hard for us, as human beings to accomplish all the goals we have set for our selves. Keeping up with your priority tasks, meetings, interviews, and scheduled events can quickly become difficult and overwhelming. Especially while maintaining a balanced lifestyle with your family, friends and other social circles. How can you keep your business and personal affairs properly in check so as to stay in control of your time ?

It's simple really, stay systematically organized according to your own values. I know, it sounds easier to say then to do but I assure you, by developing a routine that is best for you personally, you will have set your self up to always be well organized, prepared and thus successful in all of your endeavours.


What are your values ? To formulate your vision, is to determine your core values - the purpose - behind every action that you take in order to get to where you are effectively trying to go, in life and career-wise. Essentially your core values will be the philosophy of how you operate your business.

For example, this blog resembles some of my very own values, which are to help educate and inspire hip hop artists to build their own successful enterprise in the rap music business. I love hip hop and I am fascinated with the mechanics of owning and operating a business. It's only natural that I combined the two in order to service the next generation of like-minded independent rap artists.

Figure out what motivates you. Is it money and success that drives you, or are you working towards building a legacy that is measured differently ? Whatever they are, focus on the values that you are inspired by and passionate about.


If you're an experienced rap entrepreneur, then I do not have to tell you about the crazy amount of paper work that is involved in running a music business. Building an effective organizational system will keep you ahead of creating, filing and tracking of all your license forms and receipts.


- Filing System: I personally have a filing system, complete with file folders for all important information, such as; an "IN" folder for all incoming tasks, an "OUT" folder for the tasks I complete, a folder for my bills, payments and receipts, contacts as well as special information regarding each person, etc..

- A White Board: I also use a white board to keep all of my priorities listed so that I can stay focused until each item on the list has been completed.

- Schedule/Agenda/Calendar: A program such as Google Calendars works great, although some people prefer to go old school using a daily planner/agenda on their person so as to jot down notes, ideas and appointments easily. This is a page right out of the book of Da Vinci, whom always kept a book of pages and a pen handy for all of his thoughts and observations.

Organization is key to success in life, and especially in the music business. Part of staying productive is to be prepared for any challenges that may occur at any and every turn. An organized structure, or "method to your own madness" is important for staying focused on the goals that you have laid out for yourself.

How do you stay organized, what kind of system do you use to handle your daily business routines ? Share your methods and experiences.

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