Thursday, August 20, 2009

Death Row Records, Producing Music To Making Movies

The iconic rap record label Death Row Records continues to expand it's enterprise after it's recent acquisition by WIDEawake Entertainment. The label is now heading up a new division for film production, Death Row Films. The first film to be released by the label is entitled "Sons 2 The Grave", which will be shot entirely in the city of Toronto, where WIDEawake Entertainment is operated.

Death Row as a record label, is said to be holding thousands of unreleased master recordings by all of the original legendary artists such as Tupac Shakur, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr.Dre among many others before the label was finally purchased at the start of this year. With already so much infamous history behind this company, the group begins another new chapter in it's music business enterprise.

The record company is reportedly planning to release music box sets for the millions of fans who still listen to the music by these artists. Dr.Dre's classic debut album "The Chronic" is to be re-released with extra features to entice the public interest in re-investing in old favorites. This is a very intelligent music business strategy by WIDEawake, using the popularity of these artists and their music to increase revenues exploiting the hits they already have while trying to turn unreleased material into new hits for the same market of customers.

By developing a film division the music group now has a new outlet for licensing their artist's music in all the movies that they will produce. This includes licensing previously unreleased songs for new movie soundtracks. Now the entertainment company achieves it's goal of generating income from the music, while developing a new avenue for music fans who are sure to be thrown lots of extra bonus materials for their money. How successful do you think this new business venture will turn out ?

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