Thursday, June 25, 2009

World Loses Historic Music Icon with Death of Michael Jackson

Today is a horrible day for music fans everywhere. The pop culture icon and musical legend, the man himself Michael Jackson has just passed away. At the not so old age of 50, I can not even begin to explain how much this one man has impacted music history unlike no other person before or after.

As you no doubt already know, Michael's sixth studio album Thriller (1982) is the highest selling album of all time to date. Thats a record that quite possibly could never be broken, but who knows. What I do know is Michael Jackson the man, was very unique and quite the interesting character.

I cannot speak on anything related to his trials from recent years, because to be honest I didnt pay much attention. Jackson was virtually born a music super star, becoming a world wide celebirty as a young child with the Jackson 5. The songs released by the family group are very popular and memorable having been placed in countless movies, tv shows and commercials. These songs are cultural landmarks for music history.

As a solo artist Michael Jackson had a career that could not possibly ever be rivaled by any other music artist or performer. He created some of the most unique dance moves and styles that has led the way for such pop music superstars as Justin Timeberlake. Michael Jacksons albums have had more hits combined than most record labels ever achieve with their entire music catalogs. Speaking of catalogs, the financeer and entrepreneur Michael Jackson had purchased the rights to music catalogs by some of the worlds most influential music aritsts including Eminem and the Beatles.

Speculation, accusations and gossip aside, the man was a musical geniuous and a legend. He will forever be remembered best by his music, style and how he impacted the music business. In many ways Michael Jackson revolutionized what it means to be a music super star. What are some of your favorite Mike Jack tracks? I could go on and on, but alright I guess I will name a few.

Dont Stop til You Get Enough
Smooth Criminal
Black or White
Billy Jean

... not to mention all the classics from the Jackson 5.
Feel free to pay some respects or just leave your piece about your thoughts below.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson (June 25th, 2009)

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