Friday, May 22, 2009

Rap Albums of The Year, Regardless of Sales or Success (IMO)

Whats good ya'll ? I thought this week I would break out of my usual tone of writing and just come with a fresh drop of some instinct. I'm going to briefly talk about two albums that I have been bumping ever since they came out (actually a little bit earlier because I couldn't wait lol).

The first album, I want to talk about is "Relapse" by Eminem which leaked online about a week before it's actual release date on May 19th. I downloaded it before I bought it because I knew it was going to be dope, I couldn't wait to hear what the man had to say or the musical and lyrical way that he says it. I was right, it was and it is a dope album.

"Fuck what any one says", I thought. The album has that eerily sound of the ol' Slim Shady ! That's the sikk Eminem I love to bump time and time again and this album is no different, it's going to be one of his big records and go on to be very successful. Since then I've read what the hip hop heads are saying on the forums and they all had good things to say (minus a few lames who didn't make a strong case, but F'em).

The long awaited studio album "Relapse" boasts some awesome production work by the man him self Dr. Dre who didn't, does not and probably will never disappoint. The album also contains a few hilarious skits featuring Steve Berman, Em's manager Paul Rosenberg, Dr. Dre himself, and actor Dominic West, plus Em's character Ken Kaniff also makes an appearance. All in all the album is raw, gritty and just str8 perscription meds for all hip hop heads.

Singles include: Crack A Bottle, 3 A.M. and We Made You.
Favorite tracks on the album: My Mom, Hello, Medicine, Deja Vu, Old Time Sake feat. Dr.Dre and Underground/Ken Kaniff

The second album that (I think) should be album of the year is BlackOut 2 by legendary hip hop artists Methodman and Redman. BO2 is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, I'm straight up saying this album could possibly go on to win a Grammy award for best rap album in 2009 (IF Eminem doesn't snatch it.).

A decade after the success of the Grammy Award winning album "Blackout", hip hop's favorite blunt smokin' duo are still at it, and sikker then ever (imo). The album features many talented producers such as Rockwilder, Pete Rock, Erick Sermon and Havoc (of Mobb Deep).

Singles include: Ayo featuring Saukrates, Mrs. International featuring Erick Sermon,
Favorite tracks on the album: Ayo (Saukrates on the hook!), City Lights feat. Bun B, Four Minutes to Lock Down feat. Raekown and Ghostface Killa.... hell i'ma be honest I bumped the CD front to back when I first got it, and I love the whole album, my word.

Unless Detox finally drops this year (I'm playing Dre, I know it's coming), or BluePrint 3 steals the spotlight, I'm putting my chips down on either BlackOut 2 or Relapse to take Rap Album of the Year at the Grammy's for '09. Yea, it's still ridiculously early to make such a call....but I'm still placing the bet. Anybody care to disagree ? I'm open to and encourage healthy discussions on the matter.

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