Monday, January 26, 2009

The Future of Rap Music ?

Wha's Poppin' !

Welcome to the first of many blogs to come which will deal with rap music and it's constantly changing future in the music industry. Where are we headed in this crazy digital world ? Physical record sales are plummitting while downloading free music remains the people's extremely popular choice. What will it take for rappers to succeed in the music business today ?

Keep it locked for the insight that will follow on all of my regular posts. :-)

First up on the docket, a hot topic. "Outside of the Box" approaches that may or may not work for previously successful rap artists. Take for example Kanye West's most recent release "808's and Heartbreak". There have been both good and bad reviews, but any way that you slice it, it has been widely received by many.

What about LiL Wayne's upcoming rock album ? (check out this Billboard article: ). You can also peep the single "Prom Queen" on

Personally, I thought "808's and Heartbreak" was ok, it wasn't good, but it wasn't terrible (I thought a couple of them joints were decent though). "Prom Queen" doesn't do it for, and I'm not entirely sure this album by Wayne will either. However, I do appreciate that these two rap artists are not afraid to step outside the boundaries of their peers and/or audience. You definitely can't hate on that !

Although, I'm really looking forward to this upcoming "Achozen" project between RZA and Shavo Odadijan (Bassist of 'System of a Down'). This sounds like it's going to be a hot product. As a fan of both the RZA and System of a Down, I'm very interested to hear how this turns out. You can read more here:

Fans, students and professionals alike are all excited about the futue of rap music. I'm sure we all look forward to seeing alot more successful ventures.

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