Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Video: KiD CuDi Designs Label For Beck's Beer

This is pretty damn cool. Kid Cudi talks about his experience creating some new artistic designs for Beck's beer labels. Can't say I've ever even had a Beck's brand brew. Either way, every year they put out an "Art Labels Project",  and this year Beck’s has chosen six artists (KiD CuDi, Marc Ecko, Willis Earl Beal, The Date Farmers, TM Sisters and William Hundley) to create some original designs and bring their own art to life through their beer labels.
Dedicated to supporting up-and-coming artistic talent, Beck’s will display these designs on 13.2 million labels, amounting to 5.16 million square feet of canvas — more than eight times the square footage of the Museum of Modern Art in New York — for a summer-long art exhibit.
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