Friday, August 16, 2013

New Joint: "The Diamond" - Rich Kidd feat. Raven Sorvino & Crooklin (Produced by Pops)

One of Toronto's most talented hip hop producer/artists Rich Kidd just can't stop putting out good music. "The Diamond" is no exception. Fresh off the release of his "We On Some Rich Kidd Shiiiit Vol. 7", here is a brand new joint where Richie rocks over a smooth jazzy beat, featuring some additional help from Raven Sorvino & Crooklin on the other two verses.

Track produced by Pops.

Any nerds out there catch the LOTR reference?

Song Credits:

[R. Acheampong, R. Sorvino, R. Scott-Wood, A. Papaleo]
Produced by Pops
Recorded at Truth Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded by Nick Breton
Mixed by Glenn Gonda


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