Friday, June 7, 2013

New Joint: "Poisonous" - Chaotik Stylz featuring Oh No & Roc C (Produced by Oh No)

Chaotik Stylz started emceeing at the age of 16 with his crew in Buffalo. After his mother passed away, it lit a fire in him which propelled him to take his gift more seriously. Upon linking up with M.E.D., Chaotik was introduced to Oh No and through the wizardy of technology received a beat-tape from Oh No that would inspire him to start crafting the material that would eventually become The Subliminal Substance LP.

The initial recording stages of the project soon thereafter lead to Chaotik Stylz holding up at Oh No’s studio in Oxnard, CA. “We worked the entire time I was there, all I did was choose beats and rhyme during that trip. However, as the process played out, most of the original beats I picked during those sessions were scrapped and new ones were selected. The time I spent out there changed me as an artist and started me on the path I'm currently now on." says Chaotik.

Since the completion of his LP, Chaotik has stepped into a new arena and begun on a path of sobriety, but The Subliminal Substance is full of drug and alcoholic rage; pain of loss, mental issues and a "Chaotik" lifestyle.

Chaotik Stylz has stated “The Subliminal Substance centers on the idea that Hip-Hop music has become a highly addictive, yet dangerous drug which is ruining the spirit of its listeners; it has become a shadow of its former self and this is my ode to its glory days and hope that the art-form will return to its greatness.”

Download: Chaotik Stylz featuring Oh No & Roc C "Poisonous" (produced by Oh No)

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