Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Video: Smokin' & Jokin' (Episode 1) - Smoke DZA, Joey Bada$$ & Johnny Shipes

Cinematic TV, The Smokers Club and Ecko TV have all teamed up to present episode 1 of "Smokin' & Jokin'", a new video series that will feature plenty of dope smoke, dope artists and dope hip hop music. Damn, how much fun am I missing out on?

Here's all the details on this video:

"If your wondering who ran thru the wall at the office, thats seth 1 of the owners of ecko u will be seein more of him in upcoming episodes. The long story short of this episode is i told DZA i got a tattoo tear & peep how upset he got, fuckin guy almost shed a real tear. i play a lil doobie solo on a gigantic doobie & joey busts the crazy moves out all in a days work lol GoodTalk" - Jonnyshipes

Connect: @smokedza | @joeyBADASS_ | @johnnyshipes

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