Saturday, March 23, 2013

New EP: "Solomon Samuel Simone" - Raz Simone

Presented by Black Umbrella and Dream & Produce, the EP features five original jams from the Seattle-based hip hop artist. Included here on the EP are Raz Simone's latest  tracks with corresponding video releases for 'Cold' and 'Sometimes I Don't'.

Production on the EP comes courtesy of Raz Simone, Nima Skeemz, Elan Wright, & Antwon Vinson with the sole guest appearance from Sam Lachow.

For real, this project is not one that you want to miss out on. Don't sleep, support real hip hop and download this EP!

Download: Raz Simone's "Solomon Samuel Simone" EP

Watch: Raz Simone "Solomon Samuel Simone" EP Trailer

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