Tuesday, January 15, 2013

REKS Releases Cover Art & Track List For Upcoming "Revolution Cocktail" Album

Recently, we featured this new single "Judas" (Produced by Lee Bannon) from REKS's upcoming album "Revolution Cocktail".  Well, we finally got a look at the cover art and the track list, with features and productions credits.

Tracklist & credits for "Revolution Cocktail":

1.)    “Revolution Is Here” (produced by MoSS & Pro Logic)

2.)    “The Molotov” (produced by Soul Searchers)

3.)    “Flags” (produced by Numonics)

4.)    “Trust Us” f/ Bishop Lamont (produced by Numonics)

5.)    “Only Lonely” f/ EZDREAD (produced by Introspective Minds)

6.)    “Due Diligence” (produced by A3)

7.)    “Judas” (produced by Lee Bannon)

8.)    “Ahead Of My Time” f/ C-Scharp (produced by ATG)

9.)    “Fools Gold” f/ J Nics, Boycott Blues & EZDREAD (produced by Introspective Minds)

10.)   “Remember” f/ Big Pooh (produced by A3)

11.)   “Winners & Survivors” (produced by Delvaughn Tinned)

12.)   “Showoff” (Ooowee Baby) (produced by Jewbei)

13.)   “Devil Wears Prada” (produced by Hazardis Soundz)

14.)   “Forrest Gump” (produced by EZDREAD)

15.)   “Beast Bars” f/ Torae & Sha Stimuli (produced by Anthem)

16.)   “Save The Day” (produced by Anthem)

17.)   “Melancholy” f/ Singapore Kane & Sin (produced by Soul Searchers)

18.)   “Sorry/Friends With Benefits” (produced by Introspective Minds & Numonics)

19.)   “Dial Tone” f/ J Tronius & Danny “Skyhigh” McClain (produced by ATG)

20.)   “#Eyehaterappers Freestyle” (produced by Statik Selektah)

I'm definitely looking forward to this new album mainly for the content, but there are also some interesting looking guest features on here that I can't wait to hear. 

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