Friday, November 2, 2012

New Video: "Down" - e-dubble

Baltimore, Maryland based hip hop artist e-dubble returns to the F.O.R.M. blog with this new video for the track "Down" which can be found on his upcoming EP "Reset"Pre-order your copy of e-dubble's new "Reset" EP now on iTunes.

"The human race is over exposed to images of violence, sex, and materialism more than ever before; a saying that has never found its way to cliché. It's a vivid illustration of the human mind, intelligent, yet ignorant. An inherent contradiction at the root of whom we all are, stemming from pains of growing up and facing our fears or possibly much deeper. The black void each of us trying to evade, and there doesn't seem to be any clear escape, just a lot of ways to numb the pain. Essentially everyone has one; it's the part of us we often try to hide. We've all faced a time where we are attracted to the thing that could destroy us. We're only human and everyone makes mistakes. In the end, if we are willing, the only thing standing in the way of reaching our dreams is thin air." - e-dubble

Directed by A.P. Fischer

Don't forget to vote: #EdubForPresident

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