Thursday, June 7, 2012

UK Runnings Presents B-iLLA 'Brothers In Bars' (Hosted by Tricksta)

After the underground success of 'Illa Tapes Volume One', the Cambridge brothers Mistah Biggz and Dillahman a.k.a B-iLLA drop their much anticipated release with UK mixtape giants UK Runnings, the mixtape series that have released official mixtapes with the likes of UK rap artists Big Narstie, M9, Big Dutty Deeze, Supar Novar, LATE, Iron Braydz, Big Cakes, Skriblah from Terra Firma and many more.

Talking on their own personal experiences and struggles on life as well as paying homage to life in their home town, B-iLLA are a duo that have a lot to say. Where other acts are too busy just constantly rapping hard bars choosing to push a negative vibe, B-iLLA switch the vibe and create real music with a unique substance, depth and style.
UK Runnings Presents B-iLLA 'Brothers In Bars' (Track-listing)

01 - Tricksta - Intro
02 - B-iLLA - Home Sweet Home (Prod. by ShowNProve)
03 - B-iLLA - Beanz Freestyle
04 - B-iLLA - Still Scheming
05 - B-iLLA - Ballistic Affairs (Prod. by ShowNProve)
06 - B-iLLA - Black & White
07 - Dillahman Feat. Trickady - Let Me Tell You Bout
08 - Mistah Biggz - Wu Banga Freestyle (Prod. by Big F)
09 - B-iLLA Feat. Trickady - Do U Feel Like Me
10 - B-iLLA Feat. Big Dutty Deeze - Paper Thugz (Prod. by Tricksta)
11 - Dillahman - Smooth Freestyle
12 - Mistah Biggz - Film Freestyle
13 - B-iLLA - Hold Ya B'z Up (Prod. by Rediculus)
14 - B-iLLA Feat. Brinkworth & Lewi LDN - Comeback (Prod. by Inspecta Morze)
15 - Dillahman - Accapella
16 - B-iLLA - Step Into Our World (Prod. by Rediculus)
17 - B-iLLA - Quitter (Prod. by Inspecta Morze)
18 - Mistah Biggz - Accapella
19 - B-iLLA - To;dad. (Our Final Goodbye) (Prod. by Inspecta Morze)

Download: "Brothers In Bars" - B-iLLA (Hosted by Tricksta)

Order your CD copy of B-iLLA 'Brothers In Bars' here. Support UK hip hop.

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