Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Video: Phife Dawg Interview on The Come Up Show (Part 1 & 2)

Phife Dawg of the iconic hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest recently sat down for this in depth interview with the home boy DJ Chedo from The Come Up Show. Here is the description for parts 1 and 2:
The Come Up Show had the opportunity to sit down with Phife Dawg of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. One of the best interviews we’ve done so far as Phife sat down for over 20 minutes answering our questions about J.Dilla, the Tribe documentary, his relationship with Q-Tip and much more.

Since we live in a A-D-D- world we decided to split it the interview into a few parts. In part.1 of our interview Phife discusses how he feels about Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks. In part 2, Phife Dawg talks about the new album and its title "Cheryl’s Big Son: The Anomaly" and the first single, called "Soulmen" featuring one of his artists LEL.

I asked Phife about the high expectation fans have because it is his first solo album in twelve years, he tells us he wasn’t thinking of making an album because of his battle with his health, unless it was a Tribe album, he was just going to produce, but all of a sudden he caught the bug again while producing.

Check it out and make sure to subscribe to The Come Up Show TV for the rest of the series.

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