Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Mixtape: "Limitless" - Ay June

Download Ay June's 'Limitless' mixtape

Juney (Ay June) Nunez has been voted the number one Belizean Artist of 2011. His hard work, dedication and motivation has made him one of the most respected independent upcoming artist of our time. After being shot five times June, 9th 2007 in front of his home in Inglewood California, he decided that the path he was headed down was not the right one anymore.

While spending weeks in the UCLA Harbor Hospital, he created a brilliant master plan to corner the music industry market by 2011. Before he was released, he was told that he would never be able to walk the same and was denied physical therapy. After weeks of stressful bed rest, he came to the conclusion that nothing will stop him from completing his life goals.

He spent months teaching himself how to walk normally and with support from his friends and family he was up and running like a mad man. He even earned himself a scholarship to run track and field at Cal State Los Angeles where him, his brother Dman thakid and close friends Bad Boy Bentley Crawford and Lamar Taylor broke the long lasting 4x1 meter relay record.

Growing up under the wings of his uncle (LSD) who was the number 1 Belizean icon of his time, Ay june was able to learn from his uncles mistakes and turn them into his strong points. Ay June waits for no one and no record company, he puts forth is own money into everything he do, Now he is teaming up with two of Watts most known Rappers, Choc Nitty and Six Reasons, (Founders of the Snowman Click).

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