Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Video: Rediculus Interview Promo for "Punchlines & Parables"

Masters Of Conversation is the brainchild of Todd Dahn, better known as the Chicago, Illinois Hip-Hop producer Rediculus. As the driving force behind the well-respected Knowledge Giving Birth record label, Rediculus has produced now for numerous artists, from well known names to quality cutting edge underground talent as well as releasing previous albums such as the critically acclaimed 'Walking Down Broken Paths' instrumental album and many more.

Produced entirely by Rediculus under the moniker of Masters of Conversation 'Punchlines & Parables' features some of hip hop's hottest underground MC's such as Ruste Juxx, Craig G, Sha Stimuli, Emilio Rojas, Chubb Rock, Koncept and The Audible Doctor from Brown Bag All Stars, Big Dutty Deeze, Chaundon, Notoriety, Stumik Icewater, Sadat X, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye, Pair-a-Dyce, Nine and many more.

The album itself is both a return to the Golden Era sound but with a glimpse into the future of sound of hip hop showcasing his wide variety of musical influences. With a string of superb reviews and last week's album launch party in New York under his belt, the album continues to go from strength to strength. Digitally distributed globally by Island/Def Jam, 'Punchlines & Parables' is out now on iTunes.

Full Track-listing:

01 - Rediculus - Halo (Pain is Love) feat Prome
02 - Rediculus - Bang Bang feat. Solomon D'Augustine, Rich Malone, Ruste Juxx
03 - Rediculus - More Than Ruff feat. Craig G, Koncept, Pair-a-Dyce
04 - Rediculus - Go Easy feat. Stumik Icewater, Prome, Konflict, Solomon D'Augustine
05 - Rediculus - Save Myself (Coming of Age) feat Kayser9soze
06 - Rediculus - Picture Perfect feat. Sha Stimuli, Sadat X, Emilio Rojas
07 - Rediculus - Survival Tactics feat Gage One, Fest Gotchu, Seven Da Pantha, Phantom
08 - Rediculus - See Thru Display feat Pair-a-Dyce, Chubb Rock
09 - Rediculus - We Make Tracks feat. Lewi London
10 - Rediculus - Raw Emcees (The Interlude) feat Pair-a-Dyce
11 - Rediculus - Getting Down Blowing Up feat. Rich Malone
12 - Rediculus - Burners feat. Nine, Ruste Juxx, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye, DJ Ready Cee
13 - Rediculus - Talking Shit Hour feat. Chaundon, The Audible Doctor, Vydle Sinez, Incredible Chuck
14 - Rediculus - Control the Masses feat. Solomon D'Augustine, Gage One, Stumik Icewater
15 - Rediculus - Poison Ink feat Big Dutty Deeze
16 - Rediculus - Throw Rocks (ThatGÇÖs How it Is) feat Rich Malone, Konflict
17 - Rediculus - Raw Emcees (The Outro) feat Harvey Who
18 - Rediculus - More Then Ruff (UK Remix) feat. Craig G, Big Dutty Deeze

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