Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Joint: "State of Mind" - Self Scientific

Here is the latest instalment from Event Electronics & DJ Booth.net's 20/20 music compilation series. This newest track is entitled "State of Mind" from the hip hop duo known as Self Scientific.

Download "State of Mind" - Self Scientific
Los Angeles based duo Self Scientific are concerned with one thing and one thing only: partying in expensive clubs. Actually, Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil are only concerned with the exact opposite, as new release "State of Man", so aptly illustrates.

Behind the board DJ Khalil puts together a simultaneously spacey and darkly epic beat that see-saws between synths, strings and pounding percussion. It’s the perfect backdrop for Chace to deliver lyrical reminders that we the people – not politicians, not preachers – are the ones who truly possess the power to improve our current state. Fans can also find this cut and much more dope shit on Self-Scientific’s 'Fear & Propaganda' album, due out in January of 2012.

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