Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jus Randy to Drop Solo Album 'InfoBahn' on November 29th

Juno nominated Jus Randy believes, “only the strongest survive is an adage that not only applies to nature, but to artists grinding in the music industry.” Determined to master the battle of adversity in the rap music business, this November Jus Randy will drop his new album “InfoBahn” on November 29th.

Jus Randy’s “Infobahn” is a long awaited solo album, since his 7-year departing of Juno nominated group BrassMunk and officially changing his name to Jus Randy. “InfoBahn” satirically comments on the use of digital communications and how human culture has become personally disconnected with the present and is living in a virtual social media matrix.

With the debut double single and video releases of “This Is War” and “Gud Mawning” featuring Ray Robinson, Jus Randy speaks to the hip-hop community and proclaims a rhythmical battle.

Collaborating with profound talent within the North American music industry such as, Gameboy, JLBR Production/SweetSpot from France and Ray Robinson, listeners will be pleased to hear recognizable voices and beats from notable music industry influencers. With satire sprinkled throughout the songs and skits on the album, Jus Randy is instructing listeners to slow down, sit-up and pay attention to his observations of society.

“InfoBahn represents the basic foundation of hip-hop while containing the intelligent, lyrical content that allows listeners to be part of a journey and experience with me. I have so many experiences from life, so many stories to tell, so much knowledge to spread, so much living to do that it has translated into my musical growth,“ says Jus Randy.

On November 28th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, Jus Randy and GNote Music will host the “InfoBahn” media listening session at Atelier, 510 King Street West, sponsored by Hip Hop Canada, MellyCakes, Homestyle Caribbean Restaurant and Nokia.

Inspired by the meaning and influence of Infobahn: ‘the information superhighway or infobahn was a popular term used through the 1990s to refer to digital communication systems and the internet telecommunications network’. (Wiki, 2011), Jus Randy has finally reemerged.

Tracklisting for InfoBahn:

01. InfoBahn Intro
02. This is War
03. Happy Endings
04. The Legend of Hildskalf (skit)
05.Hildskalf (Its Too Damn Late)
06. Gud Mawning ft Ray Robinson
07. Motherland/Bulawayo ft J De Guvna
08. Yep! - Ntoks (Interlude)
09. Problem Child
10. Euphoria (Interlude)
11. Never leave U...
12. I Will ft Richie Hennessey
13. Sky Walk (Interlude)
14. Glory ft Maccie Paquette
15. Family Guy
16. What's the Forecast?
17. Denouement

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