Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Come Up Show Presents Exclusive Interview With Drake’s Assistant Engineer Noel Cadastre

Check out this really well written interview with Drake's assistant engineer Noel Cadastre by The Come Up Show.

Here is the introduction to the interview:
Noel Cadastre gets happier the harder he works. He crossed paths with Aubrey Graham and Noah Shebib while working at a recording studio in Mississauga. He was the only one willing to work an awkwardly scheduled late shift. Nobody who knew Noel would be surprised he was willing to work a last minute shift. Just as nobody can be all that surprised that he was then asked to go on the road with Drake and 40 to help finish what would become Thank Me Later. A couple million international sales later, he’s very happy these days.
Read the full interview on The Come Up Show.

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