Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tazzy On The Beat Shifts From Producer To Artist With The Release Of "Musicool Genious" Mixtape

Hip hop producer Tazzy On The Beat is making the transition into artist mode, as he is beginning to release his own solo projects. After producing for Koch/E1 Records, Atlantic Records, Kyra Chaos, Blake Kelly and other independent artist TazzyOnTheBeat is now playing both sides the studio, producing and recording his first solo mixtape MUSICOOL GENIUS.

With the help of DJ Babey Drew (Chris Brown's Official DJ), Somos Thompsom (Cult Society) and his crew GOLDTEAM™ Tazzy hopes to break through as an artist. His music is the embodiment of the thoughts of a 22 year old exploring life and intends to captivate his audience with a mixture of singing, rapping and producing. This is the debut mixtape from Tazzy for his new venture from producer to artist mode.

Download "Musicool Genious" mixtape from Tazzy On The Beat

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