Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cool Nuts Releases New Album "The Cook Up" [Free Download]

The Northwest Legend Cool Nutz just dropped his newest album "The Cook Up" yesterday, for FREE! Featuring guest appearances from such artists as: Bosko, Illmaculate, Potluck, Maniac Lok, Mikey Vegaz, Kenny Mack, Fli Boi Moe, TxE, Only One, Dubble OO, Arjay, and Todd G. With production contributed by DJ Quik, Bosko, Nonstop, Trox, Tope, HI-Q, LawzSpoken, G_Force, and Terminill.

Download "The Cook Up" album from Cool Nutz at
“Both fun and conscious, sensational and philosophical, Scott's music defies subcategorization.” Jason Simms-The Oregonian
In a culture that has become based on passing fads, maintaining relevance has become quite the daunting task. In the world of Hip-Hop music, artists come and go, hit singles fizzle out and are soon forgotten, but artists that stand up to the test of time and sustain longevity are few and far between.

Enter Cool Nutz.

With close to 20 years of service to Hip-Hop culture, Terrance Scott aka Cool Nutz has been a class act and Diplomat for Northwest Hip-Hop. While some have chosen to simply pursue success on an individual basis, Cool Nutz chose to put the region and City of Portland on his back and work to give an area typically unheard a voice.

From starting the highly successful Jus Family Records, to 2 major label record deals with Big Beat/Atlantic and Universal Records, to co-founding The Portland Oregon Hip-Hop Festival(12 years running), to creating and programming The Northwest Breakout Show (Wild 107.5 Portland/Clearchannel), to being showcased in Seattle’s Experience Music Project Museum alongside Sir Mix A Lot, Cool Nutz has built quite the body of work that will go down in the history books of Northwest music.

With 9 solo albums to his credit and appearances with the likes of E-40, BG, Tech N9ne, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Baby Bash, Mac Dre, The Grouch, Mistah Fab, C-Bo, and more, Cool Nutz has built an amazing resume, and looks to continue that with the upcoming release of his latest album “The Cook Up”.

On “The Cook Up” Cool Nutz continues to validate why he has been one of the most credible and talented voices to come from the Northwest and continues to add to his already impressive legacy. The key about “The Cook Up” is that Cool Nutz will be offering the project to fans for absolutely FREE. With appearances from Bosko, Potluck, Illmaculate, Mikey Vegaz, Maniac Lok, TxE, Kenny Mack, and more, you can rest assured that there will be plenty witty lyricism and slick wordplay to keep you glued to your speakers or headphones. And if the appearances aren’t enough, the bonus is mind blowing production from heavyhitter tracksmiths DJ Quik, Bosko, Trox, Nonstop, Tope, LawzSpoken, G_Force, HI-Q, and Terminill.

Look for standout tracks “Tax Brackets”, “The Gas Team” featuring Bosko, “Superman” featuring Mikey Vegaz, “Love” featuring TxE, and the title track “The Cook Up” to keep your listening attention, as Cool Nutz proves why he continues to be looked at as one of the shining stars of the Northwest music scene.

Check out this video of Cool Nutz rocking out for students at the University of Montana.

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