Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Young Singer Stephanie Courtney Releases New Single "Taken Over" As Part of Her Anti-Bullying Campaign

New York, NY - July 13, 2011 - Vocalist Stephanie Courtney is a talented teenager who wants to touch others with her music and messages. Along those lines, one problem plaguing large numbers of young people these days is that of bullying. Stephanie is kicking off her anti-bullying campaign with the music video shoot for her new single, "Taken Over." "Taken Over" is about empowerment for young people facing the cruelties that take place in their lives.

Stephanie hopes to inspire the younger generation to stop bullying and accept people with their differences. This video shoot also marks the directorial debut of noted music industry veteran Angelo A. Ellerbee, CEO and President of Double XXposure Media Relations. Together, Stephanie and Angelo will create a bit of thought-provoking, moving, cinematic magic with the video for "Taken Over," while making a definitive statement in the war against bullying.

For more information about "Taken Over" and Stephanie Courtney's Anti-Bullying campaign:
Twitter: @stephaniesmusic

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