Saturday, April 16, 2011

Six Reasons Debut Single "Hello Goodbye" Plus DJ Pack & Music Video

This is the formal introduction to a new artist you may not be familiar with named Six Reasons. You are probably wondering what that name means so let me break it down for you. Six Reasons – Money, Power, Respect, Fame, Fear & Love. This is the debut single titled "Hello Goodbye" and the record has enormous potential and legs of it's own.

The download link contains the full DJ Pack which includes the Clean, Dirty, Instrumental and Acapella versions. DJ's and Media let's support rising artists who are out here grinding and putting in this real leg-work to get heard and noticed.

You can also download the Six Reasons & DJ Skee mixtape at
“Six Reasons is one of the greatest personalities I have ever been around... I’m super excited about our new project and his new records!” - DJ Skee

Click here to download Six Reasons Full DJ service Pack

Six Reasons Official Website:
YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:


  1. This is tight! I can see this song BLOWING UP!!!!

  2. I agree Selorm, I think this song can go's really catchy and sounds fresh.

  3. Wow, have you heard Stacey Jackson's new song Live it Up, with Snoop Dogg? It's great!


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