Saturday, October 16, 2010

D.H. Da Hitwryter Breaks It Down For Indie Artists In This Exclusive Interview

Who is D.H. Da Hit Wryter?

I'm a female artist, songwriter and vocal arranger from Baltimore, MD! I mainly rap, but sometimes I might sneak a little singing into my songs. D.H. is my stage name and DaHitwryter is my songwriting name! I call myself a multi-genre monster because there are no barriers for me genre wise! Not only am I music, but I'm a very passionate person dedicated to making a difference in this world that starts with giving back to communities and leading the youth! Music is the gateway, I am the keeper!

What keeps you motivated to be successful and pursue a career in the music business?

My passion and love for music keeps me going, I'm an indie artist, so money is/will never be my motivation. I also realized, I have a God giving talent, so why waste it? And the current state of music keeps me motivated because I know that it could be so much better than what it is right now. I'm trying to bring back the Pac's and Lauryn Hill's, you know, the artists who had depth and substance in their music.

Right now, music is just a popularity contest, with the cool people winning! I am not impressed with the lyrical work of these mainstream artists, so they motivate me to show that there is hope for the fans who want real music to come back

You're a very versatile artist, with your own unique sound. What else sets you a part from every other female artist trying to come up right now?

As you mentioned, my style is unique, I'm writing from my soul and I write with a purpose. I'm not trying to keep up with what's popular lyrically or what sells, and my flow is versatile as well, which means I can jump on any type of song. And each song that I write, has meaning and a message in it!

You put a lot of pride in to your music. How important is it for you to focus more on the creative aspects of being an artist, as opposed to "selling your body" to create a cheap buzz?

I love this question because at the end of the day, I still have to be alone with my thoughts or look at my reflection and I never want to taint my success. I question a lot of artists success, wondering how successful would they really be if it weren't for their attire or body parts.

There are a lot of female artists, past and present, who became successful mainly because of their look. I understand image is key, but some of these females have no lyrical talent because along with that look, they also verbally only sell sex.

We have so much more to us than just sex so it disappoints me when I hear males and females talking about a female artists body parts or fashion, rather than discussing their lyrics. It makes me think they are in the wrong business and maybe they should just be models. But at the end of the day, I know my fans are my fans because of my music and not the outrageous lengths I took to make it to the top!

What are some other strategies that you have used to increase your exposure and the chances of new fans finding your music?

Twitter and Facebook really gave me the chance to network, gain more exposure and fans as well! But not only has it been just about business, I'm really personal on my pages so people get to see how I feel or think and connect with me! Also the blog sites and online radio/promotion sites are really starting to get my buzz up as well!

You have a couple shows lined up this month in Arizona, how do you prepare your self for your live performances?

Practice, practice and more practice lol. I have been putting hours into rehearsals and I just recently did a show for Baltimore's Black Gay Pride so I got to see first hand that all of that hard work and energy I put into practice, paid off!

By performing in other states such as Arizona, hows does this help to create awareness for your music back home in Baltimore Maryland?

Seeing is believing for a lot of people! When people start seeing that you are doing more shows and going out of state to perform, they start to believe in you more. It helps a lot b/c venues will have more faith in booking me, I'll gain more fans from across the country and people in my hometown will definitely pay more attention to me!

While you're currently preparing to drop your debut mixtape, "Back Against The World", what can your fans expect from you and from this project?

A lot of versatility! I'm mainly rapping and there is some singing on this mixtape. I also wrote all of the songs, except for the verses from the rappers who are featured! The mixtape is full of different types of songs, all contributing to the fact that my Back is Against the World b/c I'm creating music with soul, purpose and meaning!

There is something on here for everyone, down south, club bangers, love songs and songs that address social issues! Its so complete that I should have made it an album.

What kind of advice would you offer to an up and coming female artist such as your self? Is there anything you would like to share with your music fans?

Stay true to yourself! That goes for any artist. Be socially aware and responsible. Realize that anything can happen with your career and you may be huge, but the decisions you make when you get to certain levels, affects everyone who is trying to get to where you are. So if you sell out to be successful, or you put a lot of sex selling into your career to get to the top, other young girls will feel like that's what they have to do to reach your level of success.

I encourage female rappers to figure out ways to make their lyrical abilities the main focus. I want to thank you for the support and this beautiful interview, I also have to thank everyone from Priceless Music, to my fans and the bloggers and media for the love and support. Its only a matter of time...much love

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