Monday, September 27, 2010

D.H. Da Hitwryter Determined To Break Through In The Music Industry

D.H. Da Hitwryter is an up and coming indie songwriter/arranger & performer. Based out of Baltimore Maryland, this talented young female specializes in a wide range of music genres, specifically: r&b, hip hop, pop-rock, gospel, neo-soul, dance, and techno.

Expressing her self through song, D.H. Da Hitwryter is now turning her eyes on success in the music business. With her aim high and a persistent determination, it is only a matter of time before this talented young female is recognized as a powerful creative force that would be an asset to any indie record label.

Preparing for the release of D.H. Da Hitwryter's debut mixtape, entitled "Back Against the World", this female artist has an array of tracks for your listening pleasure on multiple profile pages on many social media and music sites. Be sure to check out many of the different songs posted on D.H. Da Hirwryter's MySpace & ReverbNation pages on the links down below.

More links from D.H. Da Hitwryter:
Aim: DaHitwryter
Google Talk: Dh2304

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