Monday, August 2, 2010

Indie Hip Hop Group Trillogy Continues To Break New Ground With Each Release

For those of you out there who read this blog, but who some how still don't know by now. Trillogy a hip-hop/pop group out of New Jersey. Starr Media Group has just released the first single from their Award winning group Trillogy.

The smash hit "Ride Around Town" is the lead single off Trillogy's debut album "Love Life & Loyalty", which will be released real soon.

Trillogy has been the Underground Music Award winners for Best Hip Hop Group in 2008 and Song of the Year in 2009. This year the group is poised to make some serious noise! You may have even heard their song, “The Future” on MTV’s Taking the Stage.

Trillogy was also heavily featured as the AOL Music Artist of the Month and Microsoft Windows Featured Artist of the month. If you still catch MTV programming, you may have even seen the Trillogy interview on MTV for being selected as MTV's Needle in the Haystack artist/group.

"Ride Around Town" has already charted 3 weeks in a row. I don't think you realize how big of an accomplishment this is for an indie hip hop artist/group.

Starr Media Group would like to share some words with you:
"We are humbly asking you to consider Trillogy for an Add on your station, your blog, or your Ipod. If you have none of those just tell a friend to tell a friend.

Trillogy is new and they are fresh. If you are in the music industry in any capacity... Do You Really Want To Be The Person That Overlooked A Hot New Group With A Hot New Sound?"
Trillogy's Official Websites:

Check out what some others thought about Trillogy.
"Trillogy knows how to make records. Donʼt be surprised if you hear them on a radio station near you very soon!" - TJ Chapman, Manager of B.O.B (Airplanes & Nothin On You) TJsDJs/Industry Tastemaker

"Right now, the music game is fragmented, but great acts have acted as a unifier. Trillogy has the talent, the drive and a diverse approach to Hip-Hop and R&B that will likely cross over and touch all people." - Chuck Creekmur CEO

"Trillogy is a breath of fresh air in this stale market place and they well deserved 'Most Original Group' and 'Song Of The Year' award at the Underground Music Awards (UMA)." - Jesse Atkinson, CEO/President, Underground Music Awards (UMA)


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