Saturday, July 10, 2010

Win Official Release & Royalties In Nappy Roots "Fishbowl" Remix Contest is always hosting remix contests with excellent prizes for urban and hip hop music producers. The grand prize of this upcoming remix contest of the song Fish Bowl by Nappy Roots is unlike any other online remix contest to ever come before it. The contest winner will be awarded the opportunity to secure 20% royalties for sales earned by their remix.

The Contest
Challenge: Remix Nappy Roots' "Fishbowl".
Prizing: Official release with 20% royalties, your song streaming on Nappy Roots' website, plus $150 of Nappy Roots merch, and more!
Deadline to Submit: August 5, 5PM EDT

Background info
Formed in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Nappy Roots has become one of southern hip-hop's biggest names. Four wildly popular albums later they continue to innovate and push their soulful sound. Re-imagining "Fishbowl" is an awful mighty task that isn't for the faint of heart. This is where the true remix artists shine. Does that include you?

Below is a video I found on Youtube by one of contestants, Big Pete Productions.
What do you think of this remix?

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