Friday, July 2, 2010

Rap Music Business Case Study On Eminem By

The good people at picked up on a few things that I blogged about earlier last month regarding all the media hype and promotion surrounding rap star Eminem and his Recovery album.

Here is a small snippet from an awesome article "The Eminem Case Study: Why Traditional, "Dying" Channels Still Work...".

"Eminem is one of the lucky ones. Once an obscure rapper, Eminem was smartly plucked-and-pumped by Dr. Dre in the 90s, and enjoyed superstardom before 'digital disruption' entered the lexicon. Skip to the present, and Eminem is now a well-established brand whose marketing momentum is difficult to re-create with newer talent...

...The inspiration, recovery-inspired tone of "Not Afraid" is translating into the sports world, where everyone loves a comeback and a struggle to victory. A number of high-profile sporting events have recently embraced this song, opening the possibility of coveted anthem status ahead. That includes the game-heavy NBA Playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals between the Blackhawks and Flyers."

Check out graphs, videos, and discuss more about this article only at:

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