Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Indie Rap Artist Kid R3tro a.k.a. Young Cali Releases New Single "One Day"

Click here to listen to the new single "One Day" by Kid R3tro a.k.a. Young Cali.

Kid R3tro is a young up and coming rap artist who also spits under the alias Young Cali. R3tro is slowly learning the ins and outs of the rap music business, as well as socially connecting with new music fans online.

With a loyal fan count of about 4,500 followers on Twitter, this young rap artist is putting him self and his rap music out there for the whole world to see! At such a young age, Kid R3tro is already hitting the stage with his live performances.

This young indie rap artist has even opened shows for hip hop's current golden boy, Drake. Contact Kid Retro directly at KR3tro@gmail.com for booking information and/or collaborations.

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