Friday, July 30, 2010

B.o.B To Perform Free Show For Fans In Home Town Of Atlanta & Stream Live

B.oB. is headed back to Atlanta to put on a free show for fans in his hometown crowd. The show will take place this weekend, Saturday July 31st, and it is sponsored by Myspace “Live”, HP computers, Windows 7 and Beats Audio.

For all other fans, who cannot all attend the show, will still be able to watch B.o.B. perform thanks to and Ustream. These two media giants are coming together to provide fans worldwide a free high quality stream of B.o.B.'s free performance in Atlanta.

The young yet successful 19 year old star had this to say about the online stream of the event:
“Not only will people be tuning in from MySpace Music but it will be syndicated on AllHipHop via Ustream, the first time this has ever been done before on two massive music sites. MySpace is just huge and I’ve been down with AllHipHop since the Breeding Ground, this is great."

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